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Laser processing

We use two laser centers for the non-contact cutting of acrylic glass (PLEXIGLAS®). Panels of up to 2,200 x 1,600mm and with a thickness of up to 25mm can be processed. We individually process special shapes, 3D scriptures, contours, and much more for you. Also outline engraving is possible. We are happy to use your vector data (e.g. EPS, DXF, PDF, AI, ...).
Gerne verwenden wir dazu Ihre Vektor-Daten (z.B. EPS, DXF, PDF, AI, …).

Machine data:
Laser nr.1: 250W, table size: 1,300 x 1,200 mm
Laser nr.2: 400W, table size: 2,200 x 1,600 mm
Machining tolerances: +/- 0.1mm

PLEXIGLAS® = registered trademark of Evonik Röhm GmbH, Darmstadt

CNC Bearbeitung

CNC processing

For the production of demanding milled parts we have two 3-axis CNC processing centers.
Acrylic glass (PLEXIGLAS®), polycarbonate (MAKROLON®) and other plastics are processed with these accurate machines. The parts are tensioned using vacuum or the machine vise.

Our qualified employees develop the machine program based on your drafts. Machine tolerances: < +/- 0.1mm

1. SCM Record 130 with a working surface of 3,100 x 1,200mm, 12-slot tool changer

2. SCM Accord 120 with a working surface of 4,200 x 2,200mm, 26-slot tool changer


Adhesive Bonding

Using appropriate adhesives, acrylic glass (PLEXIGLAS®) and polycarbonate (MAKROLON®) can be bonded into fixed connections.

Our long-term experience with PLEXIGLAS® enables us to bond with high-quality adhesive material that is virtually not linked to any visible impairment.

This is of special importance for the demanding exhibition construction or for museum objects.

Halbkugel Plexiglas


For the transforming of thermoplastics such as acrylic glass (PLEXIGLAS®) and polycarbonate (MAKROLON®), we use a number of special furnaces.
Up to the size of a standard panel 3,050 x 2,050 mm, the panel material can be heated for transforming. This machinery makes the preparation for the production of curved panes and blown semi-spheres etc. possible.

The furnaces are also used for the tempering of lasered and tilted parts to enable further processing low in tension.



In the chamfering process of thermoplastics such as acrylic glas (PLEXIGLAS®) and polycarbonate (MAKROLON®), only one part of the material is heated (unlike in transforming). Smaller and larger radii can be set. For these processes, we use two folding machines with 2,100 mm and 3,100 mm bending length. The material is heated with infrared emitters with lateral water-cooling.

We process based on drawings, drafts or samples.
Machine tolerance: < +/- 0.5 mm



Many plastics can be sawed like wood.
We saw acrylic glass (PLEXIGLAS®), polycarbonate (MAKROLON®), hard foam sheets (FOREX®), aluminium/PE composite boards (DIBOND®) and a lot of other plastic material such as PE, POM, PP etc. from our rich warehouse exactly to size
For precise sawing results, we have a computer-assisted horizontal panel saw and a final trimming saw (tol.: +/-0.1mm)

We cut lines and individual parts according to your needs. We are happy to offer you our services. Just fill in our request form. Anfrageformular.



The material acrylic glass (PLEXIGLAS®) excels in an outstanding light transmission (92%). The edges of the material can be polished. The look of the edges is then comparable to the surface. This procedure is recommendable for high-quality parts used for exhibitions or interior fittings.

For the polishing and matting of linear edges, we use a diamond polishing machine with a production length of 3,100mm.